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We at the atlanta steampunk exposition are committed to your complete enjoyment and aim to astound!  

Though We are still hard at work developing our programming here are a few morsels with which to wet your beak...

ase proudly presents

Victorian nightmare ball

Victorian nightmare ball

Come dressed in your finest, or perhaps most terrifying for this Saturday Night Masquerade featuring our Victorian Nightmare Theme.  

presented by

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silent auction

silent auction

Once again we ask you to open your wallets for a worth cause and some astounding swag.  Help us support the charity for this year's Exposition STE(A)M Truck through our silent auction!!

friday night jams

Friday night jams

Start off your Exposition in Stupendous fashion by attending our Friday night soiree with a live concert!

Late Night Silent Movie

the cabinet of dr. caligari

Once again, the amazing Valentine Wolfe will terrify and amaze as they score a late night showing of the the horror classic, "The Cabinet of Caligari."

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make and take

make and take

For a small fee learn the craft of making fine Steam Punk Accessories as taught by our fine Artisans.  Click the button below to learn more!

splendid teapot racing


Join us for the madcap sport of Splendid Teapot Racing. Obstacles! Collisions! Thrills! Chills! Robots!?! 


For the Official Splendid Teapot Racing Rules click here

and that's only the beginning!!

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