ASE Official Dates, Location, and Theme for 2023 Announced!

Updated: Nov 19

If you joined us for our 4th annual Atlanta Steampunk Expo, "Steampunk Atlantis!" this year, then you may already have the inside scoop on what to expect for next year.

Queen Victoria's Aquanauts gathered to explore the once lost underwater city of Atlantis on February 11, 12, and 13, 2022. While there, they discovered that the city wasn't lost at all — in fact, it was still home to an underwater civilization of Atlanteans!

These peaceful seafolk and Her Royal Majesty sat in congress Saturday afternoon, and a peaceful treaty was struck. Inspired, Queen Victoria has set her gaze on a new age of exploration — but where to next? After plumbing the depths of the sea, only one frontier seemed the most suitable. The final frontier.

At the 2022 Closing Ceremonies for "Steampunk Atlantis," Queen V announced she'll once more be sending her finest explorers out into the unknown. Now re-titled as Her Royal Majesty's Aethernauts, we invite you all to join us February 10, 11, and 12, 2023 for:

"Steampunks in Space!" We are taking our faithful submarine and trading it in for an airship to the stars, with the ultimate goal of reaching Venus (where our illustrious Captain BillBill Harrison has had a trading post set up for some years). And that is not all.