Queen Victoria's Chrononauts are on the move again! Now that they have saved the future (for now), they have set their hopeful gaze on the lost city of Atlantis. Not so lost anymore... Her Majesty's finest engineers are constructing an undersea dome to cover the sunken treasure, and once finished colonists and guests will be invited for the grand christening of Steampunk Atlantis!

But not everything is smooth waters... A shadow has been seen by the workmen... The seafloor shows signs of an enormous predator... Yes, the stories are true. Now that the abandoned city shows signs of life once more, the great beast of the seven seas—The Kraken—has returned to threaten the peace of this new colony.

A Kraken Destroying Device may be our only hope for peace under the seas! Will you answer Her Majesty's call, noble chrononaut, and save us all?

A Letter from Queen Victoria

Devices must be portable, capable of being carried and operated by a single individual, and suited for long-range combat. It is quite dangerous to approach the Kraken, so hand-to-hand weapons are right out! Furthermore, devices should be capable of dispatching or disabling the Krakenmerely wounding it threatens retaliatory wrath—so the design must be original & extraordinary. Take care not to forsake craftsmanship, Her Majesty is fond of form as well as function, and is particularly keen on the Steampunk aesthetic.

Rules & Guidelines
A Letter from Captain Smith-Cumming

Weapons such as nerf guns may be purchased to act as the base for your Kraken Destroying Device, but be careful to include some handmade aspects. Your final design should tell a story and look unique.


Standard Convention rules apply. Please do not use real weapons, and make sure any sharp edges are blunted. If your device is a projectile weapon or has moving elements, it must not be used outside of presentation & judging, and will need to be non-working and peace bonded if you wish to carry it on the convention floor.


Remember, devices should be portable & capable of being carried and operated by a single individual.


Devices should be suitable for long-range combat, but do not have to be functional. With respect for our host hotel (and a desire to be asked back next year), we understand it would be rather difficult to fully recreate a device capable of traveling nautical meters, and ask that you rely on storytelling to describe how your weapon works.


A Steampunk aesthetic is preferred. (This includes all derivatives of the genre, such as Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, et al.)


Judging criteria includes: (1) The aesthetics of your Kraken Destroying Device; (2) How unique your Device is; (3) Functionality & how creative your Device's backstory is; (4) Showmanship during presentation. Points will be awarded based on these criteria. Remember, the judges are not above bribery as well, though take heed... A good bribe may gain you points, but a bad bribe may taketh them away!

There is no entrance fee, and all ages are invited to enter. Devices will either be judged in the Adult Category (#1) or the Apprentice Category (#2) for youths 14 and under.

At the end of the competition, whomever has accrued the most points will be named our winner and receive the title of The Kraken Master. In addition to the acclaim and accolades associated with being the savior of Steampunk Atlantis, prizes will be awarded at the judge's discretion.


Valid entries must be submitted during the period of October 2nd, 2020 and February 5th, 2021 by filling out the form below.


Entrants have until February 5th to complete their Kraken Destroying Device, and must visit the Registration Table on-site during operating hours to sign in and receive their contest materials.* The official competition will be held on Saturday, February 6th, at a time TBD.

*At this time the competition is limited to on-site attendees of the 4th annual Atlanta Steampunk Exposition, though we request applicants to take progress photos and/or video of their builds in the event we move the competition on-line.

Chris Ahrendt by photographer Michael Kelly, In Focus Fotos

Her Royal Majesty's Kraken Killing Competition

Please read all rules and guidelines before submitting your entry!

Please indicate which category you will be competing in

Thank you for entering the competition! We look forward to seeing you February 5th-7th, 2021!