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The Atlanta Steampunk Exposition is pleased to welcome the following guests to our 2022 show:


maker, costumer

Well-known in the Northeast Steampunk scene, Brian and Sheila Fadrosh are the dynamic steampunk cosplay duo behind the YouTube channel Building Steam. This award-winning couple are self-taught cosplay creators and love to talk about building practical cosplay skills and cosplay inclusivity. Brian is the master foamsmith behind BF Designs and loves creating large armor builds, the more elaborate the better! Sheila is a fabric artist, known for her attention to detail, individual style and elaborately beaded and hand-crafted costumes.



comic book creators

Insymmetry Creations is the moniker for the bi-coastal pair of content creators Matt Knowles (Florida) and Steph Cannon (California). They are most known for the Steampunk time travel opus Heirs of Isildur and its tagline: "Where Steampunk Comics and metal collide." The comic series has already released a grand total of 12 issues, one collected trade paperback, plus two metal music albums. By the time of their appearance at ASE, they will be funding their next Heirs of Isildur issue on kickstarter, entitled "The Perilous Prospects".



maker, actor

Tobias is owner and operator of Spring Heeled Studios, a Prop Fabrication and Event Production Company run out of Seattle, WA. Tobias' talents with prop fabrication, EVA foam smithing, leather working, as well as his background in theater and event management bring to the table a plethora of workshopping fun and entertainment. "Creation is a multifaceted artform, involving more than just fabrication and power tools. Narrative design, visual storytelling, logistics, budgeting and more all factor into any level of art and those are the minutia of the work that I love to share."

Dave Lee | 2022 ASE Guest


author, maker

Artist at Hatton Cross Steampunk and the owner of HCS Publishing, Dave Lee has been a featured artist, guest maker and guest author at exhibits and conventions throughout the world. He is most recognized for his large props, armored costumes and Steampunk vehicles. He is the producer of the Steampunk YouTube channel “HCS Creates” and has played a supporting role and been prop maker for other TV series and films. He is the author of the novel “Country in Ruin:1865" and more works, and has been featured in numerous publications about Steampunk fashion and costuming.

Madame Askew & The Grand Arbiter | 2022 ASE Guest


steampunk personalities

Madame Askew is a time-traveling tea aficionado, obsessed with tea, fashion, and the proper uses for headgear. The Grand Arbiter is the highest authority on compliments, wit, and Tea-based Justice. For over 10 linear earth-years, they and the delightful members of the Temporal Entourage have enjoyed adventures across time and space and hope you will join them. Often the center of tea-inspired escapades, particularly Tea Dueling and Splendid Teapot Racing, they are also great advocates of Compliment Dueling and master costumers & entertainers.

Valentine Wolfe | 2022 ASE Guest



A Symphony of Darkness, Valentine Wolfe performs gothic metal inspired by seances, 19th century gothic literature, and classical music. Combining the haunting soprano of Sarah Black and the bleak maelstrom of Braxton Ballew’s solo double bass, they refuse to follow any muse except their own. In addition to their gothic metal offerings, their insatiable musical curiosity has afforded them multiple opportunities to bring their signature sound to theatre productions, and have been creating live scores to silent horror classics, most notably Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Doc Stone | 2022 ASE Guest


 maker, actor

Wheeler Stone (aka Doc Stone) is the owner-operator and principal Artist of Doc Stone Studios in Winchester, VA. He has been a leather artist and metalworker for over 25 years, and is recognized for his designs worldwide. Doc’s workshops reflect his propensity for fun and shenanigans while also leaving his audience with valuable take-home information to further their own projects. Doc Stone has been seen in notable films such as “The Crucible,” and “Goodwill Hunting,” and most recently acted in the Steampunk film "Secret Within the Sphere."



maker, costumer

Paige Gardner is an award-winning costume artist who regularly appears at conventions in the U.S. and Canada. Creating extravagant and eye-catching looks, Paige is recognized for her “costume as art” ethic through original projects constructed from found, salvaged or vintage items. As a costumer who doesn’t sew, Paige is a popular panelist who shares her enthusiasm for costuming with the minimum of resources and the maximum of tenacity! Her work has appeared in national news outlets, magazines, tv and film as well as featured in books and exhibits around the U.S.

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