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Piccadilly Circus

(Vendors Hall)

Open to the Public!!















Wollstonecraft Hall

(Main D+E)



Friday Events


6:30pm    Welcome Party! 

We must arm ourselves against the horrors we will face this weekend, so we plan to meet up, meet the guests and have a shot or two of courage to face the terrors ahead!


8:00pm    Extraordinary Contraptions                        

         Come hear the Original music of one of                     Atlanta's most original Steampunk Bands... 


9:00pm    Gin Rebellion                                        

Enjoy the musical stylings of this wonderfully electric three piece band, who are sure to delight you with their musical treats...or will it be tricks???


Saturday events



10:00am  Steampunk 101

What does it all mean, and what is this Steampunk you speak of...relax, all will be explained by Chris, Dave, Austin and Naomi...


11:30am  Horror Makeup with Chris Brown

A talented man of stage and screen will show you how to make the most wonderful things horrific...


1:30pm  Building my First Airship                         with Kevin J Anderson

 Share an hour with our Guest of Honor, Kevin J. Anderson, as he tells his story of how a young farm boy became a best selling author...


3:00pm  Meet Dave Lee

Artist, Writer, Exceptional Maker, and All around Nice Guy.  One of the movers and shakers behind the American Steampunk Scene...


10:00pm  Masquerade Ball

Don your Masks so the spirits will not recognize your faces and join us as the delightful DJ Spyder spins her web of delightful music.  Mitress of Ceremonies, Charmaine Sinclair Dupree and Valentine Wolfe regales us with a sample of their own composition.

Sunday events


10:00am  Teapot Racing

Join Stephen Chapman as he officiates over the Steampunk Craze of Teapot Racing, straight out of the minds of Savages from New Zealand.  It is sure to delight and entertain ALL.  Feel free to bring your own Teapot Racer and join in the fun!!!!


11:00am  Where are we going with                        Steampunk

A frank Discussion upon the state of Steampunk and what the future holds for it...


1:30pm  Q & A with Kevin J. Anderson

Now's your time to ask this fine gentleman your questions!!


2:00pm  Closing Ceremonies

Join us as we wrap up this wonderful event and bid our fond adieus....  If any of us survive....




The Lab of Evil

(Ballroom C)

Friday Events



3:30pm Lotions and Potions Make and Take

Join the Wizards of Geek Girls as they teach us how to create magical lotions and potions that one may require in the days ahead...  This class can be signed up for and paid at the door.  The cost is 20.00.  Learn more HERE.



6:30pm  1893 Columbian Exposition

Join Dave Lee and his lovely wife Aelea as they discuss the notable World Fair of 1893, the Columbian Exposition.  



8:00pm  Weaponry vs Monsters

A short lesson in creating weaponry to defend oneself against any number of monsters you may encounter this weekend.  With Captain Van Plastic and Captain Billbill of VAPT...  


9:00pm  Embellishments and                                 Accouterments Panache!

Everyone could use some Panache!  Let the Mistress of Embellishment thrill and educate you in the application of instant Panache!!


Saturday Events


10:00am  Meet Arthur J. Millican

Meet the skilled inventor and visionary Arthur J. Millican!


11:30am  Making your own Chatelaine

Every Victorian woman needed one and so do you!! Learn to make your own from Pinky Shear and the Dapper Jason Merrill.


1:30pm  Mead Tasting Competition

Join us as the Lovely Melissa Nolan gathers together the local makers of Mead for a taste testing!  Come see whose Mead reigns supreme!


3:00pm  Steampunk on $40

Join Paige Gardner and Robert Sienko as they show you how to get started into Steampunk on a limited budget.


5:30pm  What Men Wore, Proper Attire

The Sartorial excellence of Jason Merrill will convince you that he knows of what he speaks... Learn how men actually dressed during the years of Steampunk...

7:00pm  The Etiquette of Horror

How Proper Horror is Properly Done.  Join Pinky Shear and the Chameleon Queen as they explain ALL...

Sunday Events

10:00am  Beginning Belly Dancing

Join Aelea Lee and learn the fundamentals of the exotic arts of belly dancing. Wear something comfortable and be prepared to do some movement.


1:30pm  What shall we do with A.S.E. 3?

Come help us figure out what to do with next year's Exposition.  Ideas?  Suggestions?  All input is welcome. It is the 200th anniversary of the Birth of Queen Victoria, the Spanish American War, Steamships were in abundance. Got any thoughts??



Madame Curie's Lab


Friday Events

3:30pm Constructing Items from Foam

Join Dave Lee and Chris Ahrendt as they lay the basics for working with foam, foam matting and other foamy stuff.


6:30pm  Guns Gadgets and Gizmos

Learn how the master crafters create their own Steampunk Creations.



8:00pm  Electric Solutions for the Over                   Ambitious Engineer

We have assembled a panel of expert Over Ambitious Engineers including Stephen Chapman, Brent King, and Chris Ahrendt to give us a primer on incorporating electricity into your project.


9:00pm  No Limitations Cosplay

There are solutions.. EVERYONE can Cosplay!!  Join Paige Gardner, Dave Lee, and Angelo Ritz to explore some solutions...

10:00pm  Gaming Room

Come Game!!!  Play Cards!! Whittle the night away!!



Saturday Events

10:00am  Including Metal Into your Devices...

Join Three Crafty Fellows as they explain how to incorporate metal into your creations... Errr... Devices. Jeff Church, Stephen Chapman, and Chris Ahrendt.


11:30am  The Art of Fastening 

Glue it, tack it, bind it and if all else fails... Safety Pins!!!  Don't Panic!!! Structural Failure is Inevitable.  Remain calm and use these handy Tips from Naomi.



1:30pm  Epic Vehicles of Mass Distraction

Join 3 of the Major Creators and Designers of steampunk Vehicles (of all varieties) Arthur Millican, Dave Lee, and Randy Icenogle...


3:00pm  3D Printing and Laser work in                    Prop Building

SCIENCE!!!  No stone in the modern world of Science is unturned to create wonderful devices!!  Come learn from the masters of these modern marvels...


5:30pm  Green Steam: Redesign, Reuse

Join Stephen Chapman and Paige Gardner as they educate us on how to create Steampunk inventions and save the Earth...

7:00pm  Building Monstrous Props...

These guys are known for some of the largest Steampunk Creations in existence.  See how they did it, and make your own.  Featuring Dave Lee, Steve Church, Stephen Chapman, and Arthur Millican.

8:30pm  Victorian Horror through Modern               Eyes

Join the skilled artist Dimitri Walker as he presents his representations of the Horror Classics via the magic of the paint brush.


10:00pm  Gaming Room

For your convenience a gaming room will be provided where you can game the night away!!!



Sunday Events

10:00am  Make and Take Cake Making                    workshop with Karen Portaleo

Join this cullinary artist and extraordinary Cake Maker known for her Monstrous and Wonderul Creations.   Plus come home with a goodie you made yourself!!!  This is a paid workshop and costs $45.00 to be paid upon entry.  Sign up for this event HERE!!

1:30pm  Daring Death Race

Join us in the parking lot, as our fine creators of unusual vehicles vie for the championship in the Death Race!


Saville Row


Friday Events


3:30pm  Ageing Items: When is it too                      much???

Join craftsman, Shannon Traux, as he explains the fine arts of finishing and adding aging to your creations.




6:30pm  Techniques of Jewelry Making                    with Nattie Black

Learn the techniques of making jewelry from the masters of the craft, Eddie Knox and his lovely assistant Natasha.


8:00pm  Femme Fatales of HORROR

Join two lovely ladies, The Chameleon Queen and Pinky Shear, as they go back in time to discuss the famous ladies of Horror.



9:00pm  Victorian Mannerisms and how to                Apply them to Steampunk and                your Daily Life

In what ways does Steampunk influence or improve your present day experience?  Learn how with Chris Ahrendt and Jason Merrill.

10:00pm  Valentine Wolfe Presents...The                    Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

Join these wonderfully creative musicians as they present their own score to the classic silent movie, "The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari."  (Saville Row and The Lounge will be combined for this event)



Saturday Events


10:00am  Deconstructing Merry McQueen

Join Paige Gardner as she deconstructs one of her Amazing Costumes.  You will be shocked, amazed, and enlightened at her use of odd materials and the combinations her clever mind has put together.



11:30am  Hat Making Workshop

Join Nancy and Larry of Nan's Ribbons as they instruct us in the vanishing art of Hat Making.


1:30pm  Making Spooky Faux Jewelry

Join Eddie and Natasha as they instruct you in the fine art of jewelry making and cold welding...  This is a paid workshop for $30.00 and must be paid before arrival.  Sign up for this event HERE!!!


5:30pm  Costuming For the Movement                       Impaired

Join Dave Lee, Paige Gardner, and Angelo Ritz as they share their ideas on costuming for the Movement Impaired... NO ONE HAS A REASON TO NOT COSPLAY!!


7:00pm  From Beyond the Veil...

Divination, Spirit Summoning, and Fortune Telling with Naomi...


Sunday Events



10:00am  Make and Take Jewelry Making                 with Kerri from Unleash the                   Goddess

Come and create your own distinctive piece of jewelry under the tutelage of the amazing Kerrie Hirsch Upton, and take home your own creation!!  This is a paid workshop costing $20.00.  Sign up for this event HERE!!



1:30pm  Making Adjustments to a Corset...

Join Three Skilled corset makers as they discuss and enlighten you on the many ways to adjust a corset to better fit the wearer after surgery, weight changes, or just because....  Led by Cat Harrison, Theresa Davis, and Deborah Gerard.




The Lounge


Friday Events

3:30pm  How to Start a Novel?

Well?  How does one start a novel? These fine folks have done just that and will give you all the pointers.  Led by Brent Mehring, Michael Lackey, Dana Fraedrich, Dave Lee, and Robbie Hillard.


6:30pm  Steampunk Heroines and Realistic                 Female Characters 

How do they create wonderful female Steampunk characters?  How do they differ from other types of characters.. Join Brent Mehring, Robbie Hillard, and Dana Fraedrich


8:00pm  NaNoWriMo... Are you Ready

November is NaNoWriMo Month and all you aspiring writers out there are encouraged to come and start planning for all of the wonderful stuff you are gonna write in November.  Make your plans now!!


9:30pm  A Reading by Kevin J. Anderson

Divination, Spirit Summoning, and Fortune Telling with Naomi...


10:00pm  Valentine Wolfe Presents...The                    Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

Join these wonderfully creative musicians as they present their own score to the classic silent movie, "The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari."  (Saville Row and The Lounge will be combined for this event)




Saturday Events



10:00am  Meet the Writers...

We have managed to get all of our writers in the same room at the same time, be afraid....very afraid...  G. Mandoraga, Kevin J. Anderson, Dana F Michael Lackey, Philip Ligon, Robbie Hillard as moderator.


11:30am  Building a Steampunk Novel

How does one build a Steampunk Novel?  Let Kevin J. Anderson and Dave Lee show you how it's done!!



1:30pm  Leather Making with Red Wallace

Join Red Wallace, Suzanne Wallace, and Star Wade as they teach you the skillful and timeless craft of leather making.


3:00pm  Tea Dueling

Join us for the Rough and Tumble Sport of Professional Tea Dueling. Come try your chances against the experts!!!  Carefully Guided by Gretchen Jacobson and Megan Maude Sirkin.


5:30pm  Throwing a Proper Tea Room

Join the Dear Naomi Grunwald-Eberhart as she instructs us on the proper way to prepare, setup, and present the proper tea room.


7:00pm  Saying Goodnight to our Authors

Come bid a fond good evening and ask any LAST, questions to our delightful band of Authors: Brent Mehring, Kevin J. Anderson, Dana Fraedrich, Mike Lackey, and Robbie Hillard as moderator.



8:30pm  The Harmonium

Join Brien Engle as he entertains us with this most magical of musical instruments. The haunting and glorious sounds are sure to amaze!!!


Sunday Events



10:00am  An Examination of Zombies and                    the Undead

Join Austin Sirkin as he expounds on Zombies, and their evolution through history.

11:00-2:30pm  SWAP MEET

Bring all that stuff you want to trade for more stuff to carry home!  The room will be available ALL Day for your trading pleasure.  We ask that NO money be exchanged. As angry Vendors are not Happy Vendors, and we want them to be happy...

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