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Friday events

7:00    Welcome Party                                        

Join us all who arrived early to co-mingle in the fabulous parlor!  Enjoy tasty beverages and listen and dance the night away!

Madam Curie's Lab

Saturday events

10:00  Dying Fabric And Leather

Learn the Unknown and Secret Ancient Techniques of Dying Fabric and Leather...Magic!!  Mystery!! Colors!!

11:00  Making Steampunk Accessories

Join Stephen Chapman, James Neathery and Chris Arhendt as they demonstrate how to create delightful Steampunk Accessories...Prepare to be amazed.

2:00  The World of Steampunk 3D Printing

Explore the amazing modern gizmo the 3D printer brought from the Future by our resident Time Travelers Stephen Chapman, Remy Loste, and Others... (Time Travel Window Permitting)

3:30  James Neathery

Meet one of the stars of Steampunk'd and a skilled maker.

6:30  Mead Making Panel

Join Philip and Derrick as they explain the mysteries of making delicious mead.

9:00  Prestidigitation by Lee Cox!!

Be  Amazed, Fooled and Bamboozled by the sleight of hand and misdirection of the delightful Lee Cox as he performs Feats of MAGIC!!!

Sunday events

10:00  Make and Take Wristwatch Class

The Talented James Neathery will (FOR A FEE) provide all the instructions and materials one needs to make their own Steampunk Wristwatch!!  Sign up HERE!!

11:00  BFG Challenge

Who can make the most amazing BFG (Big FOOKIN Gun) come enter yours and see who wins...  ALL proceeds will go to charity.  $1 per vote!!

2:00  Make and Take Steampunk Jewelry

The Talented Kerri Upton Hirsch of UNLEASH the GODDESS will (FOR A FEE) help you to construct your own piece of Steampunk Jewelry!! All materials will be provided. Sign up HERE!!



the lounge

Saturday events


10:00 Sarah Neathery Panel

Things Proper Ladies Don't Talk About, What it was really like for a lady in the Victorian Period.


11:00  Busking

Strolling musicians from the bands The Extraordinary Contraptions and Gin Rebellion will be on hand to entertain, amuse and bamboozle.  


2:00  Busking

Strolling musicians from the bands The Extraordinary Contraptions and Gin Rebellion will be on hand to entertain, amuse and bamboozle.  

3:30  TEA DUELING!!!

Compete or watch the quintessential steampunk sport, Tea Dueling!! Test your skills, with and steadiness of hand.  All rules of play will be explained at the start of the tournament.  Will you be our tourney winner?  Dueling Slots Limited so get there early!


6:30  Throwing a proper Tea Room

Permit the Red Queen to enlighten us all on how to throw a proper tea...Pinkies UP????

9:00  Horror Panel

Steampunk & Madscience thru a Horror Lens, Dr Jekyll & Hyde, Frankenstein, scientific Method, and Steampunk Technology.

9:00  Busking

Strolling musicians from the bands The Extraordinary Contraptions and Gin Rebellion will be on hand to entertain, amuse and bamboozle.  

10:30  Late Night Silent Movie with Valentine Wolfe

The preeminent band Valentine Wolfe, will play a live sound track of their own devising to the horror Classic "Nosferatu."

Sunday events


11:00  Busking

Strolling musicians from the bands The Extraordinary Contraptions and Gin Rebellion will be on hand to entertain, amuse and bamboozle.

2:00  Swap Meet

Swap Meet, Gears gizmos gadgets, material, Inspirational items bring what you have to swap (so someone else can carry it home!!!)






seville row

Saturday events

10:00 Flash and Flair with Bits and Bobs

The Incomparable Red Queen will show us how to enhance any costume or accessories with a wide assortment of Bits and Bobs...Aided by the Incredibly beautiful Mouse!!

11:00  Wet Leather Molding Panel

Discuss tools, techniques, and finishes for "sculpting" veg tanned leather.  Presenter will demonstrate techniques and answer your questions.


2:00  Sourcing Found Objects into Costumes

Marvel while the beautiful Paige Gardner tells us how she created her amazing costumes from an amazing assortment of found objects.

3:30  Introduction to Historical Costuming

An introduction to wearing your corset on the Inside.  Are you enchanted by historical costuming but intimidated by the prospect of making your own bustle grown or riding habit?  This panel will introduce the basics for creating historically accurate Victorian clothing and discuss how to use it as a base for your steampunk costuming dreams.


6:30  Victorian Menswear

Victorian Menswear, where to buy patterns and ready to made clothes.

Sunday events

10:00  Dr. Mikes Shaving Practicum

The Tonsilary arts are no stranger to this fine gent... Learn the way to properly shave and care for ones self.

11:00  The Proper Gentleman

Let Jason Merril of Blackbird Finery instruct us in the habits of a proper gentleman.


2:00  Making Leather Accessories

Join Richard Wallace and his talented friends as they explain the various Mysteries of leather accessories, construction, and finishing.




The Parlor

Saturday events

11:00  State of Steampunk in the South

A frank discussion on the state of Steampunk in the Southern Portion of the United States.


2:00  Fencing Demo

Observe and Learn the fine art of Fencing at the Hands of the Renown Derek Schroff {aka the Overlord) and the equally talented Philip Paul Sacco!

3:30  Language of Fans

The Language of Fans:  Long before Sally Rand danced with her well spoken fans into our dreams, they had a secret language all of their own.  Join us to learn its history...and bring a fan to flutter!


6:30  Meet and greet with our Delightful Guests

Come and Greet and share a toast with our delightful Guests Stephen Chapman, Paige Gardener, James Neathery, and Sarah Neathery.


8:00  Costume Contest

All are invited to attend and participate in our first Costume Contest Prizes!! Honor!!! Some Magnificent Costumery!!


10:30 Costume Ball and DJ Party

Come sashay to the delightful music of Dr Mike.  


Sunday events

10:00  Teapot Racing

Thrills!! Chills!! High Speed Teapot racing!  The Honorable Stephen Chapman (who almost ALWAYS wins) will provide the treacherous track!!  Registration is to 12 so sign up quick.


11:00  So you want to vend in the steampunk world

Come Learn the exotic mysteries of what its like to vend in the steampunk world from noted practitioners.

2:00  Closing Ceremonies

Time to Say one last goodbye to our fine guests and each other before we head back out into the mundane world once again.

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